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Resolution of Disputes Involving Children

Disputes involving ongoing arrangements for the care, welfare and development of children can cause great difficulty and heartache for everyone involved, particularly when communication is compromised. Such disputes commonly involve both parents, but can include grandparents, carers and other family and interested parties. We have extensive experience assisting clients to navigate their way through such disputes and towards positive child-focused outcomes.

We can assist with matters such as:

  • Negotiating and formalising an agreement regarding the living arrangements for the child/ren including with whom they live primarily, shared care options, the amount of time the child/ren spend(s) with the other parent, communication between the parents and between each parent and the child/ren, accessibility to the child’s  / childrens’ medical and educational information, overseas and interstate travel, parental responsibility for decisions concerning the child/ren and any other issues or concerns that may be specific to your case;
  • Recovery Orders – for example, where one parent has failed to return the child/ren or has  over-held the child/ren;
  • Relocation – for example, where a party wishes to relocate with the children, or where a party does not agree to a proposed / threatened / suspected relocation with the children indicated by the other party;
  • Passport Issues and Child Abduction;
  • International abduction of children;
  • Attending formal Mediations or alternative dispute resolution services relating to parenting disputes.

Where parenting disputes are able to be resolved by way of negotiations, we can prepare the court documents or Parenting Plan in order to formalise your agreement.

Where the parenting dispute is unable to be resolved via dispute resolution processes or solicitor negotiations, we can assist with issuing court proceedings or in responding to proceedings that have been initiated by the other parent

Property Settlements

When a couple separates, the personal relationship is not the only aspect that draws to a close. It is often necessary to finalise the financial relationship as well. We can assist you to obtain the financial certainty you need across a diversity of financial and property related matters such as:

  • Property settlements for married couples, de-facto couples and / or same-sex relationships;
  • Superannuation disputes;
  • Spousal support;
  • Injunctions / protection of assets;
  • Interim property arrangements pending settlement.

We can assist with formal Mediations and other dispute resolution services in order to help resolve your matter without Court (litigation). Where an agreement is reached, we can prepare the necessary documents to formalise and legalise your Agreement which is imperative in order to ensure that all financial ties are severed.

Where a property dispute cannot be resolved via dispute resolution services or solicitor negotiations, we can assist you in issuing or responding to court proceedings.

Binding Financial Agreements

A Binding Financial Agreement allows married or de facto partners to address their respective property and superannuation interests, and/or spousal maintenance, in a way that is mutually acceptable to them both, without going to Court. A Binding Financial Agreement can be entered into before marriage or cohabitation, during the marriage/cohabitation or after separation.

We can advise you about the advantages and disadvantages of entering into a Binding Financial Agreement and, where appropriate, prepare your Binding Financial Agreement tailored to the particular circumstances of you and your partner or former partner.


Once married parties have been separated for 12 months, either or both parties may wish to formalise their separation by applying to the Court for a divorce. A Divorce is a legal end to the marriage. We can assist clients with all aspects of applying for a divorce, or alternatively, responding to an Application for Divorce.

Intervention Orders / Family Violence

We have extensive experience in matters concerning Family Violence, (sometimes referred to as “domestic violence”) including Intervention Order matters.

We can provide legal advice to a client who:

  • Is considering applying / has applied for an Intervention Order against another person; and /or
  • Is responding to an Application for an Intervention Order made against them.

We have years of experience in representing both Applicants and Respondents in Intervention Order matters at Court, and are very confident in doing so.

Mediation and Dispute Resolution

Mediation can be a very positive way for parties to reach resolution in family law matters, which can avert the need to proceed to Court (litigation). We are highly experienced with a diverse range of mediation services, and would welcome the opportunity to assist you throughout that process.

Court Representation

We have significant experience in Court representation and advocacy and would welcome the opportunity to represent you. We are confident advocates, and will ensure that you feel supported and informed throughout the Court process, in the event that it becomes necessary to litigate your matter

Enforcement Issues / Contravention Proceedings

If you are concerned that a previous agreement, such as a Court Order, has been disregarded either in whole or in part by another party, we can provide you with legal advice, and, if necessary, representation with regards to any enforcement / contravention issues you may have.

Child Support Agreements

In many circumstances, parents agree on the level of child support that one parent is to pay to the other and any other expenses to which they will contribute. This can include school fees and other associated school expenses, medical and dental costs, extra-curricular costs for the children and private health insurance. We can assist in formalising and legalising that agreement which can create financial certainty for the parents and the child/ren.

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